Use rest of free space on LVM partition with new Logical Volume

I recently had to fix a few servers using 2TB hard drives. The client wanted 100GB used for the OS/Software while the rest was to be used for data storage. This was on an LVM for /dev/sda and the LVM was "already using the entire drive" (could not use fdisk to create additional partitions as the entire 2TB drive was on LVM).

For things like this, I hate LVM. to use the rest of the space on the LVM to fill the void and mount the "new partition". In the examples, $VGNAME should be replaced with the name of the Volume group that your LVM is using. The following commands were used to get the job done:

To create a new "logical volume" on top of the LVM that took the rest of the free space:

# lvcreate -l 100%FREE -n data1 $VGNAME

To create an EXT3 file system for the new LVM "data1" partition:

# mkfs.ext3 /dev/$VGNAME/data1

Create mount point and have this partition mounted to it:

# mkdir /data1
# mount /dev/$VGNAME/data1 /data1

Line to add to /etc/fstab to add this mount point to re-mount once the server boots/reboots:

/dev/$VGNAME/data1    /data1                  ext3    defaults        0 0
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