DDOs Protection

Real Time Threat Mitigation & Monitoring

Malicious network traffic targeted against enterprises and network operators to slow down and disable mission critical services have cost organizations tens of millions of dollars per year, and the numbers are only getting worse. Don't become the next victim of a DDoS attack, let GreenValueServer's automated, highly efficient, and expertly crafted DDoS Mitigation Services protect you.

GreenValueServer’s has partnered with DDoS Mitigation Experts RioRey to offer the latest next-generation analytics driven DDoS protection. In our Flagship datacenter BUF1 (Buffalo NY), we can offer up to 120Gbit/s of DDoS protection, covering all major types of attack metrics including SYN floods, UDP and ICMP floods, as well as invalid packets and more. Read RioRey's "Taxonomy of DDoS Attacks" in order to understand the full range of DDoS attacks which we are able to mitigate automatically.

Speak with a GreenValueServer representative today to find out how we can protect your services against disruptive DDoS attacks.

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