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A Beginners Guide To Dedicated Servers

What are dedicated boxes in terms of servers? How do they work? How can they ensure the success of a business? Believe it or not, these answers are much simpler than you think, and all you will need to do is continue reading. Soon enough, you will know all about dedicated boxes and how they can bring your business to the top of the food chain.
The first thing we will talk about is the shared server. If you currently have a webpage then you are more than likely using a shared server even if you don’t know it at the moment. This is especially true if you have taken advantage of a free option and are looking to upgrade to something a bit better. There are some clear disadvantages to using a shared box, some of which are the following:
-Limited space
-Limited resources
-Usage quota
-High level of vulnerability
If you were to switch to a dedicated server however, you would not suffer from these problems, which probably leads you to question the exact benefits of dedicated servers. The biggest benefit you will reap from using a standalone box is the ability to utilise every single resource. For those who are unfamiliar with servers and computer components in general, we will discuss a few of the basic computer components and explain why they are important in server operations:
RAM: This is an acronym for Random Access Memory. RAM is known as a temporary storage device, or volatile memory. The more processes you have running in the background, the more RAM you will need in order to support it. For this reason, you will need to have somewhere around 1 to 4 GB of RAM.
Hard Drive Space: This resource will determine how much space you can utilise on dedicated servers The more hard drive space you have, the larger your web site can be and the more files you can host. You can typically save hard drive space by eliminating graphical interfaces on your end and performing everything over the command line.
These two very important elements will be open to you should you choose to utilise dedicated servers rather than shared servers. The biggest downside to using a dedicated box however would be the price. If you are not making at least three times the server cost in profits, then you are probably throwing money away. On the other hand, a faster website is never a terrible idea and it may in fact bring you more business.

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