Need a best dedicated server hosting in US

Do you need a best dedicated server hosting in USA & Europe ? A dedicated server Hosting gives you the ultimate in control, security and power. We provide Windows and Linux dedicated servers Hosting and Colocation for faster, more secure hosting for our clients.

Our standard server configurations will be set up within one to three business days”. Choose to buy dedicated server hosting USA and Europe with affordable plans.

Despite the costs and complexity, dedicated servers Hosting provide numerous benefits to customers business. Whether you run a resource-intensive ecommerce, blog, forum, Travel business, hotel booking, Ticket reservation, web site or require extra security for your web projects – Dedicated server Hosting is the solution.

A dedicated Hosting refers to a single computer allocated to the needs of a single customer or business. Customers take on lease the hardware from hosting provider and generally receive network monitoring, internet bandwidth and routing equipment.

This type of arrangement differs from the typical hosting environment as you have all the disk space, bandwidth and other vital resources to yourself, thus resulting in a much better and faster performance.
Most importantly, with dedicated server Hosting you have complete administrative control through the software installed that allows you to remotely manage the dedicated servers, which is actively maintained in our Data center.

Dedicated servers are most commonly used by those who have outgrown the shared hosting and Virtual hosting environment and now require the utmost in flexibility, reliability, security and control.
Our team of dedicated support experts and engineers are managing and monitoring the performance of your dedicated server in united states & europe, work on 24x7x365. GreenValueServer sole intention is to help you grow your business with our dedicated server services in USA.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting:
Dedicated servers Hosting, completely dedicated to your own business.
Dedicated server hosting gives you total control over all aspects of deployed software & hardware.
Ecommerce online stores or any other big websites gets a significant amount of traffic, so that a shared hosting plan might not enough to meet your needs, then dedicated Server hosting is the right solution for you.
Get a dedicated server Hosting to build your great App and test your application.

GreenValueServer dedicated hosting gives you the flexibility, scalability & reliability to run your applications and website.
The dedicated server will help you to increase the site performance.
You can host easily all of your customers websites and apps on a GreenValueServer dedicated servers. Our dedicated servers trusted by thousands of customers.
You can easily install WordPress or any other CMS on your dedicated server

GreenValueServer’s Dedicated Server Hosting Benefits:
You may require entry level server or high end server for your business need, GreenValueServer offer various types of dedicated server’s Hosting options with self-managed or get it already Fully managed with us. GreenValueServer’s offer high-end dedicated servers in USA and Europe across all business sectors need. We help you to meet your requirements and performance without fail.
Choose your Own OS (Make your choice Windows or Linux )

Choose your Data Center location Europe and USA
Customize your cloud servers configuration to match your requirement
Dedicated firewall management
Data security management
Full root access
Gigabit network backbone
Providing affordable and reliable dedicated hosting US and Europe
GreenValueServer Dedicated Servers Hosting fastest, secure, reliable, and scalable performance for your WordPress or any other websites and applications
Reliable power systems and cooling technologies
Server availability within 24-72 hrs
Storage expansion with our storage on the Cloud
Tier III, 1V and SAS compliant data centers
You can choose customized dedicated servers configurations to suit your business needs & budgets
Virus and malware scanning and filtering
24/7/365 Support

How to Choose Dedicated Servers Hosting Provider
When choosing a Dedicated Servers Hosting provider, look for one that offers your preferred platform (Windows, Linux,) with technical expertise in dedicated servers, and with a reputation for good technical support and customer service.

Investigate data center stability, network speed, infrastructure either by visiting the datacenter or by talking to their existing customers.
Prefer an ISP with 24×7 NOC and professional staff, and who offers support by phone, and email.

GreenValueServer offers 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux servers, hosted in state of the art data centers in US and Europe.

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