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Advantages Of Linux Servers

There are many sites on the internet which provide hosting services. These sites are the ones that can be used to design and upload your own page on the internet. There are two possible ways in which you can use a server, either some dedicated server can be used or some server space can be rented. Both the options can be availed on rent and at cheap prices. There are two platforms on which a hosting site can work: one platform is Windows based and the other is based on Linux. The cost of a Windows based platform is considerably higher than that of a platform based on Linux. The reason for that is that Linux is an operating system and can be obtained for free from the internet. In other words, it is an operating system which is open sourced. Linux servers are known for their stability, they are generally unfaltering.
Linux vps or Linux virtual private server is one such server. A Linux vps automatically allocates the RAM, server space, bandwidth and various other features. Linux vps can also be credited with the fact that it provides more security. This is owing to the fact that in this system, we have our own independent server space allocation where other users are not present. This assures that other users cannot corrupt your website. There will be no abuse of your system and your website will work smoothly. Sometimes due to a lot of traffic on the web, a website takes a long time to upload. The Linux based platforms overcome these problems and give amazing uploading speeds with uptime as high as 99.9 %
One specific requirement of some websites may be video conferencing and other may be video facilities. Linux red5 servers provide just the right platform for this particular requirement. It is being presently being used by many people for the effective running of their websites. Linux red5 servers have such properties that they can do video streaming at a very high rate. This makes the video and audio sites faster than normal. This type of Linux vps is just the right kind to be used for office work. Faster videos give better workability to your site. Red5 servers are very easy to obtain and are also not very pricy.
One Linux server that is currently in high demand is the jabber server This server allows very safe exchange of data. The technology that is used by the jabber protocol is called XMPP which stands for extensive messaging and presence protocol. The jabber server also uses XML protocol which is the short for extensive markup language protocol. A jabber server is particularly useful if one wants to use interactive chat messengers like gtalk, yahoo messenger etc.

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